Monday, July 27, 2009

24th of July Weekend

We spent the weekend playing up north. We stayed at Kevin's G&G's on Wednesday, then we headed to Lagoon Thursday and then did the Bounce back and spent Friday at Lagoon-a-beach & Lagoon. Then we spent the rest of weekend back at Kevin's G&G's house. It was such a fun weekend!

K.C. is not a huge thrill seeker. I wouldn't say he is not daring cuz he is, he rode every ride at Lagoon, but once was enough for him.
Mckell on the other hand loves the thrill!! We would get done with one ride and she would want to go again. She loved Wicked, the old Roller Coaster, and the Collosus! She was mad there were a few rides that she couldn't go on, mabey next year.
Allee loved all the kiddie rides and the ones that go around and around.
Taylee was in heaven as long as she was on a ride! She loved loved loved all the rides and would be mad (scream) when she couldn't go on one. She would ride the little kid rides and hold her hands up and say WWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

We tried and tried to talk Kace into riding the swing with us, but he had no desire to. Mckell on the other hand was very excited/nervous to. As they were taking us up in the air, she looked over at me and said she was scared, but before we were done she was asking if we could do it again! She is a little thrill seeker just like me!

Lagoon-a-beach: The water was freezing, and it was a little over cast so needless to say it was a little cold. But, we all still had fun. The kids all loved the lazy river and the kids play area. The lines were really long for any of the big slides so we didn't go on too many of them.

4th of July on the Mountain

We went camping for the 4th of July with Family. We love being on the Mountain, especially with family!!

We let the kids stay up late one night (I think it was almost midnight) and play Baseball with a huge light that Kevin set up so they could see. It was a little cold but the kids didn't care. They had a ball!

We drove down to Cedar and went to dinner and then went and watched the fireworks.

The next night we Roasted Marshmellows and let the kids have some fun with Sparklers. Taylee thought they were the coolest things ever!

We also went fishing. Which Kell and Kace especially love to do.