Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 50th Mom!! (even though you don't look anywhere close to fifty!!)

Just wanted to tell my wonderful mom HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am always playing catch up !!!!!

My Little Girl Turned 6 last week. She is all grown up!!! :( I have been secretly trying to talk her out of a Birthday Party for a while now. (little hints here and there, "wouldn't it be funner if we went out to dinner with just our family?") She has ignored all of my subtle hints and has wanted a party with all of her little friends which I would have been happy to throw for her, if that is what she wanted. Until a couple of days before the big day and she came up to me and said "for my Birthday I want French Toast, fruit, and bacon for Breakfast; and for my Party I want to go out to Texas Roadhouse (she wanted to sit on the saddle, and eat rolls!!) with just the family for dinner. I then felt bad and tried to talk her into having a party with her friends but she was very insistent that that is what she wanted. So we happily obliged!!! :)

Enjoying her Birthday Breakfast!

When we were up on the Mountain a couple weekends ago the kids were all playing back in the trees. Then all of a sudden all we could hear were high pitched shrills, and screams and little kids running out of the trees. They had run into a yellow jacket bee hive in one of the logs they were playing on, and the bees started swarming all over them. K.C. and Presley got bit once on their heads. Tryston got bitten on his forehead and his arm, and poor Allee got bitten on her forehead and her lip. Her lip swelled up so big. She had a hard time eating and talking for a little while, but by morning the swelling was completely gone.

First Day of School!! K.C. started 2nd grade, and Kell started Kindergarden. They both love their teachers and are doing really well. Mckell loves school. She told me the other day that she hates afternoon school, cuz she hates having to wait soooo long to go to school.

These are their First Day of School pictures from last year. How cute are they!!!