Friday, October 5, 2007

Our New Little Angel

-Mataylee Beth Williams-
I love her two dipples that show up with all her different faces she makes.
I love her little wimper cry.
I love her loud mad cry.
I love her small fingers holding my finger.
I love the noises she makes when she is sleeping.
I love when she first opens her eyes after a nap.
I love how you forget how little they are.
I love that she came straight from heaven.
I love how K.C. loves to hold her and rock her.
I love how McKell loves to talk to her.
I love how Allee holds her binki in her mouth for her.
I love how Kevin looks at her.


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful. Congrats again. Heather Turner

Kena said...

Okay, so that totally made me tear up! I am so anxious to feel all of that again. Cute new Blog background.

ashlynn said...

So sweet & cute - congrats!!!

BrookeO said...

I.heart. it all too. And to think they grow up way too fast.

Congrats to you. Loves.

jaesi said...

what a little angel. I love her name. She is the first Matylee I know.

Erica said...

She's darling.

Lazy Daisy said...

That picture is precious. What a sweetheart! I need to come hold her again.

erin watts said...

She is so adorable! You have the cutest kids. And I love her name! Too Cute!!!

mandy said...

She is beautiful and I love the name. Very original. Congrats.

Mitzi said...

Oh Brandee, Your little angel is straight from heaven! She is beautiful! Give her a big sqeeze from us and Congrats! We love you!