Friday, November 9, 2007

K.C.'s Namesake (and the coolest kid ever)

Today would have been my brother Clint's 22nd B-Day. I cant believe it has been 7 years since he passed away. It makes me sad because he has missed so much in our mortal lives, but I know he is aware of everything and watching over us in heaven. I know that he knows my children and I believe he got to spend time with them before each of them came to earth. I miss him so much, and not a day goes by that I dont think of him. I Love you runt.
-Riding our bikes down the ski slopes during a rain storm in Colorado.
-Riding the Tower of Terror again, and again, and again.
-Cliff jumping at Lake Powell.
-Playing the slap game in the truck, as my dad would get madder, and madder (is that even a word?) at us.
-Him teaching me how to Snow Board at Brian Head.
-Him throwing his egg salad sandwich at me, cuz he was mad.
-All of us kids sleeping in my bed on Christmas Eve, not sleeping, and listening to music as loud as it would go to trying to get our parents to give up and let us open presents.
-Him making Kevin sleep in front of the door to my parents room, while me, Clint, Brax, and Dusty slept in my parents bed - so the bad guy wouldn't get us. (we thought someone was in our house when my parents were out of town)
-Late night talks.
-Him referring to Kevin as FURY:)

Clint was such an amazing person and I am glad I got to know him for the short time he was with us. Thanks for the memories!


Lazy Daisy said...

I can't believe it's been 7 years. That is crazy. I love your tribute, it is sweet.

ashlynn said...

Clint left good memories for us all. I remember shotting clay pigeons all together at the cabins ... I miss those days.

By the way Brandee ... I saw you Halloween night (I was the witch) & you are looking good!

kristen & brandon said...

I remember seeing him playing outside in front of our houses on his motor scooter, and coming and hanging out with all the girls at young women's activities! He was such a neat kid, he is buried next to my cousin so I get to say hi to him once in a while :)

jaesi said...

What a sweet post...I remember when this happened...I knew through your cousins (Bale's)
and was so sad for your family...but how awesome for your kids in heaven!!

[BrookeO] said...

I have no doubt he is so proud of you!

Jason & Aleisha Black family said...

That is so sweet for you to post. I am glad to see pictures and hear your memories. I didn't know Clint but he sounds like a way awesome brother. I am sure he is looking out for you now.

mandy said...

What a nice post about Clint. I remember when it happened and how hard it was for your family. What I always think of is how your family stood up at his funeral and sang "Families Can Be Together Forever". It was such an overcoming sight.

[EricaJ] said...

So cute Brandee. I agree he was the coolest kid ever. So funny!

I also remember up at the cabins & shooting clay pigeons. He always made me laugh.

erin watts said...

Brandee- I just totally sobbed while reading that! I miss him too and think about him often! I remember him being so cute and nice to the little kids in our family. We were at a family get together, in Ivins, at the park, playing kick ball, and Clint would hold the litte ones hands and kick the ball and they would all run to first base. He was so sweet (most of the time)! But I know we will see him again, what an amazing comfort that is!