Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random Pics

Just another snap shot of my crazy sleeper. One of these days she is actually going to fall off. (this is the top bunk)

Mckell Brandee my little DRAMA QUEEN, are all girls like this or is it just her?

Allee S. (S. stands for Sally, my moms mom, But I just couldn't name her Allee Sally) She is a crack up, we are constantly laughing with her and at her:)

Mataylee Beth known to everyone as Tay Tay.

K.C. Kevin Clintin My handsome little/big boy/man who is all boy.


ashlynn said...

CUTE kids!

jaesi said...

You kids are soooo beautiful.
So did they get a big one?

beth said...

Grama wants to go camping with you kids. I will miss the mountains with my fam. Happy hunting