Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is my dads birthday. My dad is the most generous, kind, fun loving, and awesome man I know. He is always up for a good adventure. Whether it is snowmobilling; 4-wheelering; camping; hunting; or his new love, riding his Harley. He always makes the most of any situation. In fact for the first couple of years me and Kevin were married I would worry when they were together. They had quite a few near death experiences together because of the stupid stuff they would do:)
Not only is he the best dad in the world he is also the best grandpa in the world-or mabey even universe(seriously)!!! All of the grandkids adore him. He is always having then over for sleepovers, going to movies, taking them for treats, playing cards, putting puzzles together, wrestling, reading stories, whatever he can do to make them smile. He will watch my kids for me at any given moment, and not because I asked him to, but because HE WANTS TO. Dad you is the best. We love you! xoxoxo
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Beth said...

Love you too my little princess. Sure would like to come over and play with KC, Kell, Allee and hold and kiss Taylee.