Thursday, January 31, 2008


I've Been Tagged... by one of my favorite cousins.

Two names you go by: 1-Brando 2-MOM
Things you are wearing right now: 1-Mataylee 2-Spit-up
Two things you want or have in a relationship: 1-Trust 2- Good Communication
Two of your favorite things to do: 1- Read 2-Play woth my kids
Two people you last talked to: 1- My husband 2- Malea
Two things you are doing tomorrow: 1- Taking Kace to school 2- I really need to clean out my fridge (we'll see)
Two longest car rides with kids: 1- To California (L.A., San Fran, San Diego) 2- up north
Two favorite holidays (as an adult): 1- Christmas 2- Thanksgiving
Two favorite drinks: 1- water 2-Smoothie of any kind (love "the cure" from Orangepeel and Bubble Tea)
Two things about me you may not have known: 1- I do not like Cheesecake 2- I love a good thrill (roller coasters, bungie jumping, cliff jumping, I would love to sky dive)
Two jobs I have had in my life: 1- Little Caesars 2- Dixie Ambulance Service
Two movies I would watch over and over: 1- I love movies but dont really have a fav.
Two of my favorite foods: 1- MEXICAN, yum! 2-homemade bread of any type... cinnamon rolls, bread sticks etc. (I'm with ya on that one Erin)
Two places I'd rather be right now: 1- On a fun Cruise to somewhere warm with my hubby 2- Disneyworld with my hubby. (Love my kids, but they are not invited)
Two Favorite T.V. shows: 1- LOST (Do you think Charlie is really dead? - Who is in the casket? - Who/what is Jacob? - Who is going to be wondering where Kate is?) Wow can you say obsession? 2- CSI

I Tag: Malea, Annie, Kena, Cari


jaesi said...

okay just finished the first episode...wierd. Charlie I think is dead...:( And who knows who Jacob is....?

Mike and Erin Watts said...

How fun! I had no idea you worked at Little Caesars.

Jeff & Kelly said...

homemade of my favorites, too! I have the best and easiest recipe that I use for everything from loaves to sticks to rolls to pizza. I'll post it with instructions on my blog soon. It's super easy and you can use white or wheat'll love it.