Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bow Hunt

Last weekend was the opening day of the Bow Hunt. We went with a bunch of my family, I think there were 8 hunters in our camp. Nobody got anything, but we had a lot of fun! K.C. was in heaven, he loves hunting and camping. The girls had so much fun with their cousin Katie and her friend.
Mckell loved taking "the Girls" for rides on the 4-wheeler - Silly Girls!!

Yay for Pauline and her Ice Pops!!!
Tay loved riding the 4-wheeler - [I love her dimple]

K.C. & Easton target practicing. They had so much fun shooting their bows.
My aunt Pauline brought their dog and Mckell was in heaven!!
Tay thought she was so cool, she would climb the stairs to the trailer over and over.


[BrookeO] said...

Oh so cute!!! Too bad we don't live closer, that would sure be F U N!!!

Aleisha said...

How fun! I love picture of Easton and KC. That just looks like so much fun. We still need to get together with Annie and go camping. Maybe it is too late now huh?

Kena said...

You are always doing fun things! I can't believe your little one is looking so big!

Jennie Minor said...

Love hunting season! I can't believe how big Tay is getting. She is so dang cute, and I love her dimple too. :)

mandy said...

What a fun time. Your kids are getting so big and are cute as ever.

Beth said...

Fun, fun, fun, you know how much we missed not being there. That's all I have to say about that!