Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Party

She was so polite. At first she didn't want to eat it with her hands.

But, that didn't last long. Pretty soon she had it everywhere!

She was so cute opening her presents. We could not get her to smile for anything.

We finally celebrated T's b-day. We didn't have a big party or anything, just us! We had cake and she opened her presents. She was so cute with her cake, she wasn't sure what to do with it at first, but after she figured it out IT WAS EVERYWHERE!!!


ashlynn said...

She is too cute! I love the simplicity of the party ... what 1 year old really knows its their birthday anyway!?

beth said...

So no family gathering? Wish I could have been to the party!!!! Gramma and Pompa luv you Tay, Happy 1st b-day! XOXOXOXOXOXO