Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween!!! ( A little late)

We started out the day at K.C. school for their annual Halloween Parade. Then I helped out with their Halloween Party. We made cookies, played musical chairs, ring tossed, pumpkin bowled, and painted. Mckell came and helped me with the pumpkin bowling.

Later we headed to Mckells preschool for their Halloween parade. They Paraded around for all the parents. They sang a few Halloween songs, then Trick-or-Treated to all of the Parents. Maesi tagged along.

That night we went over to Brandon & Maleas and had pizza and sugar cookies before we went out Trick-or-Treating. The kids had a ball running from house to house collecting all of thier candy. Our Neighborhood is awesome!! There was a house giving out Hot dogs, Another one giving out Frazzle Slushies, there was a Haunted House, and a Haunted forrest, and even a witch riding around on her old fashioned bike giving out candy. Fun for all! Even Taylee loved it!
Hope all of your Halloweens were as great as ours!


Mandy said...

Cute costumes. I can't wait until I get to go see the school halloween parades. You look beautiful as always.

Erin said...

Looks like fun! Love all of the cute costumes.

Kena said...

Your kids were darling!

beth said...

What cute spooks! KC your hair has turned white! Cute little witch and awesome pirate, I wanna cuddle the wee one. XOXOXOXXOXXO Gramma loves you!

Pickle said...

Looks like a lot fun! Cute costumes.