Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's

Well the little leprechaun found our home. K.C. & Kevin even built a trap to try to catch him. But, he out smarted them!!

He did however ransack our home. There were cupboard doors left open, chairs tipped over, bar stools up-side down, I think he even got into our honey (we heard they like honey). The kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. K.C. was a little sad that the leprechaun got away. He was really excited to catch him and take all of his gold. :) (if only!!!) However, he did leave us some treats that we found in our Microwave


kwBALE family said...

what a fun thing to do!! i might have to steal this idea and do it when me and kas have kids! what a fun mom you are :) (oh by the way, we changed our blog address its www.thekwbalefamily.blogspot.com)

{Annie N.} said...

How fun are you! My mom used to do that for her class when she taught school. Love it.

Beth said...

So much fun at your house, wish I was there. Thought about fighting the crowds to go to the big St. Paddy's parade in Manhattan, but then the thought was gone, Dad hates the driving stress, and I hate listening to his driving stress. (Ha Ha!)