Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I know I have been MIA for the past 2 months. Here is a long post to catch you up on whats been going on at out house.:)

Mckell graduated preschool - she loved her class and her teacher.

K.C. got the Radiant Roadrunner award at his school. He had to accomplish a bunch of things to be able to get it. We are so proud of him!

Mckell attended Safety Town this year. She has been looking forward to it ever since K.C. went before he started kindergarten. She had so much fun!

Allee broke her collar bone and had to wear this wrap for 2 weeks. She hated it, but she wore it without complaining. We are still not sure exactly what happened. Her and K.C. collided at a splash pad. K.C. got a fat lip, and she broke her collar bone?!?! Go figure!

K.C. played baseball again this year. His team was the New York Yankee's which he loved cuz that is where Papa & Grama are.

We went camping for with the family on Memorial Weekend. My parents came home from their mission in New York for a two week medical leave, so they got to come with us. It was so nice to be with family on the mountain and out of the heat of SG. The kids absolutely love to go camping, so we do alot of it during the summer. The kids caught Horny Toads, and took turns holding them.

I went to Vegas with 2 of my BFF's for a girls trip. We had so much fun, we didn't do anything but lay be the pool, shop, and eat. Hey- but isn't that what a girls trip is all about!! Ann-we missed you!!

Allee turned 4 today. My friend Annie made her this cute as heck cake (it turned out so cute) She has had her B-day planned for a month now. She wanted to have a slumber/pajama party. So that's what we did, minus the sleepover part!! All her little friends came in their P.J.'s. They watched Enchanted, ate popcorn, got their toenails painted and colored. It turned out to be really fun, and Allee loved it! Happy Birthday Girl!! We also chopped Allee's hair a week ago. She has been begging to get it cut for a while now. It turned out so cute, and she loves it. After she got it cut she had a perma grin on all day and kept looking at herself in the mirror.


Erica B said...

I'm happy to see new pictures. You have such a cute family.

beth said...

Thanks Brando, so much fun!! Allee's hair is sooooooooooooo cute. Wish we were camping with ya this summer. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Pickle said...

Yeah a new post! Looks like you've been having a fun summer! Thanks for the fun party, emma loved it! That cake is so cute, what talented friends! And you look dang cute in our your pictures too! I love Allee's hair cut!

Bagiera said...

yay, an update! I love that 90% of the pics of our girls trip are at restaraunts! num num!!!!

{Annie N.} said...

It's about time you did a new post!Thanks so much for keeping Hallie at the party, she talked about it for 2 days and kept yawning? and showing me her painted toes.

Erin said...

Fun! I remember going to Safety Town... I loved it too!

[BrookeO] said...

Yeah! You know I check your blog near daily don't you?! So happy to see a new posts and pictures. And I agree, cutest little familY!