Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday K.C.

Today is K.C.'s Birthday. He turned SIX today, and all he wanted to do for his birthday was go hunting with his dad. He was bummed that Kevin didn't get anything yesterday, but excited because that meant he got to go again today. (Good job babe, I am so proud that you were finally able to hit something!!!)

K.C. is such a sweet and happy boy. He loves anything boyish - playing outside, digging in the dirt, riding his bike or skateboard, playing soccer, playing catch, hunting, camping, fishing, 4-wheelers, helping grandpa Bob at the farm, helping papa with anything - surprisingly he loves to work and is a very hard worker. (hopefully he will hold on to that trait) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KACE!!


Bagiera said...

happy birthday k.c. from easton

[Brooke Oldroyd] said...

How cute. (not the deer but your tribute) I think this is the one thing my husband misses about not having boys.
Can you believe we have 6 year olds?

Kena said...

Happy Birthday KC!! It's so fun for the kids to go hunting with their dad's.