Sunday, November 4, 2007

i'm thankful for...

i'm thankful for nice weather.
i'm thankful for HOT showers.
i'm thankful for nap time.
i'm thankful for good friends.
i'm thankful for beautiful mountains where we can camp.
i'm thankful for the end of the hunting season
and for scissors, and a razor. (love ya babe)
i'm thankful for my beautiful children.
i'm thankful for my parents.
i'm thankful for infant gas drops.
i'm thankful for good books-
i'm thankful again for nap time, so i can enjoy them.
i'm thankful for kevin.
i'm thankful for brownies (probably not so much thankful for them, i just really like them)
i'm thankful for living in a free country, and for all those who make that possible.

i love this time of year - fall, Halloween, cool air, darker earlier(kevin is home earlier yahoo), Thanksgiving, family, shopping, pumpkin everything-yummy, Christmas, the smell of pine, everything.


Lazy Daisy said...

I share many of those loves with you. :) Especially hunting season ending.

jaesi said...

great things to be thankful for.
I am definitley thankful for hot showers and infant drops!

[BrookeO] said...

I too am with you on these and def. the hunting, hair removal...Love ya too! Okay so I need some more pics of your some would ya!

Bagiera said...